What unexpected Adventures you will love in Brazil? [AED-S02 Trailer]

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Overlanding Brazil

Driving in Brazil with your 4×4 is a dream for many and thankfully we managed to spend an extended period of time in Brazil getting the most out of our Toyota #LandCruiserPrado. See in Season 2 of the AdventureEscapeDiaries our overland experience with more than 20,000 km all over Brazil.
See how our Prado became our second home and how we reached #RemoteMountains, #Beaches, #Dunes, #Caves and the #AmazonRainForest all over the country.
In perfect Brazil fashion, we never stayed alone too long, because we were accompanied by amazing locals, some interesting #wildlife and were able to team up and interview some other expats, notably Jean Michel and Professor X.
What do you want to hear and see about Brazil? Let us know in the comments!


But how did we even get here to Brazil you ask? Well… perfect. Watch the now completed Season 1, including all our 12 episodes with our escape from Europe, the “emergency landing” in Mexico, the residency application in Paraguay and the race to Rio to meet the #SailStaatenlos Crew and German Expat coach #ChristophHeuermann. Watch the whole Season with this playlist:
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0:12 drive-off
0:16 Paul & Alexandra
0:27 sail-off Staatenlos
0:34 overlanding
1:08 Expats Jean Michel & Professor X
1:20 ride-off
1:25 crash
1:28 fly-off
1:43 boat-off


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