VEDIC NIGHTS director Jean Michel and his spiritual path to Brazil

AED Jean Michel Interview

Bahia, Brazil – In this #Interview with American Expat and Film Director Jean Michel, we learn about his life-changing journey from busy New York City to his off-grid location in Brazil and the role that the #Vedas played in this transformation.       In diesem Beitrag: Follow his story from #VedicNights, #AncientIndia, to the…

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How we got our permanent Paraguayan Residency & bought an SUV for our road trip! [AED-S01E07]

AED Residency in Paraguay

  Do you want to get your own #Residency in #Paraguay? Get your free #Expat Coaching now:   Previously… In the previous episodes of the “Adventure Escape Diaries” ( we waited in Mexico until the borders of Paraguay opened up for foreigners.   In this Episode: Finally we were able to take a flight…

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