The best Beaches in Southern Bahia, Brazil – [How to get there?]

AED S02E03 Camping in Bahia

Camping at beaches in Caraíva, BA, #Brazil: The most #beautiful beaches in #Bahia can sometimes only be reached with an off-road vehicle. We continued our journey all throughout southern Bahia and were fascinated by the amazing nature we encountered.           Find your own favorite beaches under the many locations we visited.…

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Colorful off-roading in Carapebus – Watch us from a Drone in the State of Rio de Janeiro

Carapebus drone

#Carapebus, #RioDeJaneiro, #Brazil – We bought our LandCruiser Prado so we can explore all of South America, even the hard to reach places, and film it all with our drone #DJIMavicMini. Get your own drone shots at     In this drone compilation AED S02D02 – #Carapebus, #RioDeJaneiro, #Brazil – We bought our LandCruiser…

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Can we go camping in Espírito Santo?

AED S02E02 – Espirito Santo, Brazil: Come camping with us for the first time ever! With an air mattress on our foldable rear seats! Will we fit in it?   What’s up with Espírito Santo? Just a few hours from Rio you can cross over to the beautiful state of Espírito Santo. You will find…

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Off-Road to the Brazilian Jungle #Shorts

Shorts Jungle Brazil

      Start here: #Overlanding #Brazil with your 4×4 is a dream for many. We managed to spend an extended period of time in Brazil getting the most out of our Toyota #LandCruiserPrado. See in our first #Shorts of Season 2 of the AdventureEscapeDiaries our overland experience with more than 20,000 km all over…

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