Beach Driving in Salt Water? Drone Sneak-Peek into Canavieiras, Bahia, Brazil

Driving on the beach in Canavieiras – with a drone and a car!

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AED S02D03 – #Canavieiras, #Bahia, #Brazil – Our LandCruiser Prado cannot just explore all of South America, but even do a refreshing dip into the ocean at #Canes – all filmed with our #drone #DJIMavicMini.
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This is just the beginning of our #OverlandingSouthAmerica.

Now we are in Southern Bahia and for the first time felt like our off-road car purchase was really worth it.
Ready for all our coming adventures #OverlandingBrazil!

You have questions for your own South America Adventure?

Let us know in the comments what you are most excited about.


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