What to do in Canavieiras in Bahia? [The full guide to this remote Island in Brazil!]

How to get around the island of Canavieiras in Bahia?

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AED S02E04 – Canavieiras, Bahia, Brazil:

How to get around the island of Canavieiras in Bahia? Drive your car on the beach or go on a Horseback Ride by sunset. Find the best places, locals and expats in Canavieiras, the place with the best climate in Brazil.

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In this Canavieiras Episode: 

  • after one week Airbnb work we found a place that we wanted to call home for a little bit longer.
  • The city and island of Canavieiras.
  • At first we thought it would just be a short stop-over but we ended up staying for over a month.
  • Great place: Bahiadomizil Bungalows with the German lady Andrea on the island
  • Little bungalows right next to the beautiful beach – we only booked one night short notice and ended up staying for 3 weeks.
  • Perfect combination of our own house with breakfast included. A kitchen and internet that was fast enough for our work.

Off-roading in Canavieiras

  • The island we started discovering with our car. Here the beaches are extremely empty and it is possible to drive your car to go all the approximately 20km length of the island. 
  • Especially the northern and southern tip of the island is super natural.
  • First we discovered the southern part. With our first experiences driving on the beach. 
  • Whats extremely convenient with this island is the connection to the small town on the mainland. You cross one bridge and you can find groceries stores and a historic center of old Canavieras with an old harbor.

Architecture in Canavieiras

  • The houses have the typical so called colonial style that see all around the world. High windows and doors included. Must have been for the previous civilization that was a lot taller than us… Some of these old houses are renovated and some just fall apart.
  • The next days, off to discover the northern tip of the island.
  • Really interesting is that the people here have lots of horses running free on the island.
  • On the island we have some villages of native Brazilians but also some pousadas and smaller resort hotels. No big hotel complexes though. They are forbidden because this is a natural reserve.
  • The northern tip gave us some more off-roading on the beach with Alexandra screaming and we were able to shoot some awesome drone shots 
  • Our next adventure at the beach was the horseback riding. Kani Resort with Swiss owner Felix.

People in Canavieiras

  • After a few weeks now on the island we met so many friendly and welcoming people. One of them was the German expat Pitt. His life philosophy will stay in our minds and hearts for a long time. Through him we met many other people on the island and suddenly had a whole lot of interest in our cool drone shots. Pitt asked us to do one or two shots for his property and then started offering our drone services to all his friends on the island. And in no time we had many business requests to create more and more drone shots. We were working for Dieter with his resort Angra vilas and also Teddy. It really felt like we slid in a whole new world of something we never expected. 
  • Pitt himself has a nice guesthouse “BahiaTropical Canavieiras“ in the historic center of the city and offered us to stay with him. We agreed and the next part of our Canavieiras story continued.
  • We discovered Pitt’s farm land in a more remote back country location

More interesting people of Canavieiras

  • while being in the historic center we made a connection with Miquele, a local Açaí store owner and Christian and his son Antony who renovated many of the cultural buildings and have a delicious restaurant and an event house there.
  • On our last days in Canavieiras we shot our first interview with Pitt. If you want to see the interview in German with English subtitles, check it out at Alexandra’s channel. It is her most watched video yet.
  • Finally, we pledged we would come back to Canavieiras whenever we get a chance and meet up again with all our new friends. For now though we wanted to make the best out of what we thought was our last month in Brazil, but see in the next episode how quickly our plans changed.

If you want to know more about our adventures in Canavieiras…

Alexandra made a picturesque hotel review of all our favorite places around Bahia!

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