Best Wireless Microphone for Travel? [is DJI Mic Jungle Proof?]

The DJI Mic has been praised by a lot of YouTubers but for some reason they leave out its imperfections. Is it even jungle-proof? Let‘s test!


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Does the DJI Mic have flaws?

DJI’s newest edition to the wireless microphone market has been praised a lot by our fellow YouTubers but for some reason they leave out its imperfections in all their reviews.
We’ve been full-time traveling in #SouthAmerica for over two years and producing content in this tough climate makes us reach our limits. See how the DJI Mic stands up to our “Jungle Proof” metrics. If we can work with it here, you’ll be able to use it anywhere!

What do you think about the DJI Mic?

Let us know in the comments what you would like to know more about the DJI Mic and we’ll create a new video with our updated view and all your answers!

What are we doing in the Jungle in the first place?

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0:00 Amazon Rainforest crossing
1:50 journey back to Paraguay
3:03 the #Pantanal and #ElDorado
5:12 #GermanColony and #AncientVases
5:55 #ItaipuReservoir & #ParanaRiver
6:30 Foz de Iguazu & the new bridge
7:00 Paraguay & the Iguazu Waterfalls
7:41 #VictoriaFalls comparison
8:18 Relaxing Waterfalls
10:14 Relaxing in Paraguay
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