Off-grid Living in the Jungles of Brazil [Interview with American Expat]

AED S02I02 - Uncensored Interview Professor X

Off-grid living in Brazil? Unfortunately Youtube is censoring our interview and we can’t show the full version of the interview. That’s why we are working on an uncensored version! Uncensored version of this interview NOW AVAILABLE on my channel on Odysee: —> go ahead and subscribe there if you like what you see The…

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Best Wireless Microphone for Travel? [is DJI Mic Jungle Proof?]

AED S02R01 - DJI Mic Review Xmas

The DJI Mic has been praised by a lot of YouTubers but for some reason they leave out its imperfections. Is it even jungle-proof? Let‘s test!     Get your own DJI Mic AED S02R01 #DjiMic #WirelessMicrophone #JungleProof Get your own DJI Mic for the Holidays before it sells out! Amazon US: Amazon Europe…

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