Sell your stuff, buy good gear & a DRONE! Learn to prepare for your own Nomad Lifestyle [AED-S01E02]

Drone and a Castle

Our Gear In the last episode of the #AdventureEscapeDiaries we heard about the #QuarterYearlyLivingChallenge: In this episode we will focus on how to prepare for your big departure. Learn from my story of #Escaping my 9-5 Lifestyle to live as a #DigitalNomad in #LatinAmerica. My first step was selling all my stuff that was…

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The beginnings of my personal escape: Creating an adventure by finding your inspiration [AED-S01E01]

Planning your ADVENTURE?

Watch this playlist of all available Episodes of the Adventure Escape Diaries:    Welcome to the #FirstEpisode of the #AdventureEscapeDiaries. I’m proud to present to you the beginning of my #YearLongJourney through #LatinAmerica. Learn how I felt frustrated with my life in #Austria, even though I was living up to societal norms and customs. I…

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