The beginnings of my personal escape: Creating an adventure by finding your inspiration [AED-S01E01]

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to the #FirstEpisode of the #AdventureEscapeDiaries. I’m proud to present to you the beginning of my #YearLongJourney through #LatinAmerica.
Learn how I felt frustrated with my life in #Austria, even though I was living up to societal norms and customs. I finished my university degree and was working in the communication industry, but despite all that my excitement was at an all-time low.
I needed to #BreakFree!
And then, #March2020, another hurdle was thrown into all our faces. Is travel outlawed? No way!
It’s time to take your life into your own hands and make decisions that get yourself to the place you want to be.
Follow my #EscapeDiaries and learn how you can do it for yourself.
Be part of this #StepByStepGuide and make your own life into your greatest #HeroesJourney!

It’s finally happening!

The #AdventureEscapeDiaries are starting!
Follow me through the ups and downs of finding a new life in #LatinAmerica. #Escape your regular 9-to-5 life and start your own #Adventure. You can do it too! In this series you will learn what is needed to leave your old life behind and start over with new energy and all this in times like these.
Follow me through the #HeroesJourney starting in #Austria, leading to an unexpected stop in #Mexico, making it all the way to #Paraguay and then concluding the first Season in beautiful #Brazil.
But be aware, the journey is not all #sunsets and #palmtrees. Beautiful #beaches and #offroad car rides definitely were part of it all, but many times things didn’t look as bright. Keep at it, there will be a new episode every Tuesday.
Let me know what you think in the comments on how it’s all going to play out and what you’re looking forward to seeing next!



February 2020 – Vienna, Austria

The feeling just creeps in.
Slowly the prison walls are more visible
I told myself it would be 3 years.  3 years to get my degree, then id be out again.
Staying at a place for too long is just not my thing.  It seems to come natural to me to move around. That’s why i love travel. I can’t deal with too much of the sameness. The world has so much to offer and it would be a shame to just keep on focusing on one place.
But life moves forward. I collected that degree, so…

why am i still here?

Well I told myself, id find something else to do. Get a job, make money, settle down.
Yeah sure… but not here, not now, not like this.
I have to keep going. I was able to make the best out of my stay here.
Staying fit, eating well, helping other people to become fit and find their passion.
And now i will travel the world, showing people how to do it. It’s a motivational concept. Just like in my “Have Your ADVENTURE – Transformation Program”. The better it works for me, the more inspiring it is for others.
And where to? South America. Ive never been there, but i came close. In my last travels i made it all the way from the US to Panama. Half a year in Central America. That was an adventure. But now it’s time to move further south. I want to see Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil. I want to see all countries of South America.
And how to pull it off? 
A new Country every three months. Just long enough to have time to work on a project, something that payers the bills and then travel and discover the place. And after three months the tourist visa expires and the next country is on the list. I call it my quarter yearly living challenge. How long will i pull it off? Well at least a year, or two or three. Who cares. I keep on moving. Nothing can stop me form doing that.

March 16th 2020 – Vienna, Austria 

The whole city of Vienna is under lock down. The world is playing crazy. Official offices are closed. I don’t even have my passport renewed.  How can i get out of this country?
“Seems like your crazy travel trip is not gonna work out now, hah”
Yea aren’t friends the best. Super encouraging in the face of defeat. Well i don’t let myself get stopped by  suppressive governments. There is always a way. Travel isn’t outlawed yet. Well, at least it was just outlawed temporarily. But after a few weeks it was clear that planes will fly again and travel will be possible. Maybe just for a short window though. These lock downs were a clear sign that i needed to leave as soon as possible. It was just gonna get worse. If i am forced to be locked down somewhere, i at least wanna do it in a country with warm weather and sunshine.
How is This all gonna work out?
Well… I will tell you what you NEED to do!   Watch how the journey continues in the next episode of the Adventure – Escape Diaries
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