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How can the #AdventureEscapeDiaries help you to achieve your own #dream of #freedom?
Let me show you a new world of possibilities. Join me on the #adventure. On this #beach in #Canavieiras in #Brazil I finally found some rest to let you know what needs to be done.
I’m waiting for you to join. Let me give you a hand and guide you to your next #milestone in your life.
Watch the #AED and get the blueprint on how to do it yourself.

It’s finally happening!

The #AdventureEscapeDiaries are starting!
Follow me through the ups and downs of finding a new life in #LatinAmerica. #Escape your regular 9 to 5 life and start your own #Adventure. You can do it too! In this series you will learn what is needed to leave your old life behind and start over with a new energy and all this in times like these.
Follow me through the #HeroesJourney starting in #Austria, leading to an unexpected stop in #Mexico, making it all the way to #Paraguay and then concluding the first Season in beautiful #Brazil.
With this video you get the trailer of Season 1. But be aware, the journey is not all #sunsets and #palmtrees. Beautiful #beaches and #offroad car rides definitely were part of it all, but many times things didn’t look as bright. Keep at it, there will be a new episode every Tuesday.
Let me know what you think on how it’s all going to play out and what you’re looking forward to seeing next!


Hello, Welcome everyone to Canavieiras, an Island, somewhere up the coast of the vast country of Brazil in South America.
This beautiful and almost empty beach helps me to calm my thoughts and finally gives me the strength to tell you my story.
How did I end up here, and what does it take, in times like these to experience this world of beauty and freedom.
Just a year agoI felt stuck, trapped in Europe, in  the city of Vienna, in Austria. A place that I just temporarily wanted to call my home but then paralyzed me and  soaked me into all the worries and troubles life throws at you.I needed to break my chains and escape that life of mediocrity.
I saw Latin America as a desirable alternative. But then, what started as a long term dream to leave my home and discover the different lands of the Americas, turned into a fight for freedom when movement worldwide was restricted and human rights stopped being a priority.
It’s now been over 9 months since I left Europe behind, but that’s not where this journey started.

Back in Austria,

I carefully planned my great escape and I wanted to make sure I find the best solution for my desire to adventure but still have the stability to build a new foundation to my life that withstands the even bigger crises that will be coming at us in the future.
Leaving Europe behind was the first step, but even the beauty of the places that i visited afterwards can be deceiving.  It was a constant struggle to get through all the things that needed to be done to end up as worry free as i am right now.
While fighting the fight, I barely had time to catch my breath and tell my story but now you can live with me through my memories of the great escape in form of my video diary.
I created this  ten part YouTube series called the Escape Diaries.
Watch how together with my dear Alexandra Allover, we go through the steps of coming up with our desired plan to leave, going through the process in Europe, collecting the necessary documents, to saying goodbye to Family and friends.
Then see the beautiful journey we experienced in Mexico, Paraguay and Brazil

Warm up

with us to the Fire of Mexico (Mexico City / Puerto Vallarta / Waterfall)
Go Diving with us in  The blue water of the Yucatán Peninsula, the cenotes and the beaches (Tulum / Cancun)
Join us in Starting our 4×4 overlanding Adventure in Paraguay
Come and cross with us the border to Brazil To meet Christoph Heuerman and the Staatenlos Crew in Rio de Janeiro
To then discover with us the fascination of the empty beaches of northern Brazil.
Each step a new adventure but also new challenges.
See how we barely made it work and how we had many close calls but despite all the struggles find a path
I can’t wait to share with you my story and i am excited for you to get inspiration to do the same.
I will see you next in the first chapter of the Escape diaries.
Till then, all the best for your journey!

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