Saying goodbye! Remembering the hard last moments before our big trip! [AED-S01E03]

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What happened? 

In the previous episode of the #AdventureEscapeDiaries we heard about the #FlagTheory and other useful ways of preparing for your long journey:

In this episode

…we will focus on how to emotionally prepare yourself for your #escape.
Saying #goodbye to your friends and family can be a difficult moment. Even though I “prepared’ them for years, telling them how I wouldn’t stay in #Austria for too long, it still came as a shock to some, that I was finally taking the big step.
We traveled through #Austria and made sure we could visit them all over the country. See our trips from #Vienna to the #Franzensburg at the #LaxenburgCastles, to #Hartberg, #Graz & #Fohnsdorf.
We spent our last moments together as cheerful as we could and made sure we would have ways to communicate with them regularly from far.

Learn more in the video

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So Paraguay was still closed.

Our whole plan was based on Paraguay being open again. What are we gonna do if Paraguay is not opening up the borders? Our documents to get the Paraguayan residency were now valid for just under 6 months. The World is still on lock down and we want to work and travel as modern day nomads in South America. We were checking for updates almost every day and were trying to figure out alternative ideas. We made sure we had to move out of our apartment by September. Burning bridges, a good way to ensure a plan goes through. There is no other way but to go forward. We were going to wait to book the flights till the beginning of September, just a few days before we could leave. Summer was coming and things felt free and normal again but I already knew that Austria would have another lock down again. It was clear, all countries will. This will not stop anytime soon. But we need to make sure to get out for as long as all the borders are still open. It might be our last chance.

My friend Kim from Sweden was feeling the same way

about his situation in Europe. I had met Kim a decade earlier at my travels in Africa. We enjoyed some time together at Lake Malawi and then later on met up again at my home in Los Angeles. Our desire for freedom and urge to see the world connected us over the years. He already moved his residency out of Sweden to Bulgaria, but somehow the IRON Curtain of the European Union kept him feeling uneasy about his whole existence. Throughout the summer we were debating our situation. With him having mexico as the next country of his escape in mind. Mexico had no border closure throughout the whole charade and let Europeans and Americans stay without a visa for 6 months. Definitely a place that we kept in mind as an alternative destination. But would Europe even let us leave?


Even a few years ago already I started to focus on Minimalism, reducing all my possessions to the necessary. Over the past 2 years i made sure that i sold everything that was not relevant to a nomad lifestyle. That process got me some money in the bank and paid for my necessary travel equipment. Watch some of my gear review videos about backpacks, headphones or the Apple Watch on my YouTube channel. You will find the links in the description.
At this point, my only remaining big possessions were my dear motorcycle the Honda Varadero 1000 and the just recently inherited small Fiat Panda. I was never planning on having a car in Austria but for my last few months in Austria it was actually a blessing… even though I had problems fitting into this tiny box on wheels. I used the Panda for a car sharing website and it turned out to be a customer favorite. The car made me money and my personal usage of it was basically free. I put  both vehicles up for sale and the Panda was desired really quickly. Though we wanted to hold off a bit longer in selling it just yet.


We thought we should wait until we have confirmation for opened borders in Paraguay and a flight until we tell our families and friends that we would be leaving.  but it seemed like this would become a very last minute decision. So it was time to let go. For one last time we were driving to see our families again.
Our first stop was with My uncle and his family at the Castle Laxenburg. We had some encouraging conversations about our travels and spent a relaxing afternoon at the castle gardens. Our next step of the journey brought us to a small town in Styria were Alexandra said goodbye to her family. Our further journey made me reunite with my sister at her horses stallings. We were able to use the time to go on a cheerful horseback riding walk with her and our friend Anna.


In Graz i could say goodbye to some old friends and my parents. They couldn’t quite understand why I  had to leave Europe to pursue my luck but they were happy for me that i had such a big drive to see the world.
A hard part of the journey was seeing my grandparents, probably for the last time. Both of them were around 90 years old and my grandfathers health was deteriorating drastically. I was gonna visit him and my grandmother together but he was brought to a hospital just a day earlier. I got lucky to make it to the hospital in time and was “granted” a just 15 minute visit while wearing one of these ridiculous masks. The hospital was empty. Just like one would expect in times of a “pandemic”.
My grandfather and me always shared a strong connection. As a kid we went hiking and skiing together a lot. He was very proud of me and i looked up to him as someone who understood me and guided my paths. My grandfather always admired my strength to do things my own way and that i traveled the world. He always told me about how he wanted to travel himself and how he is proud of me that i follow through with it. He liked to “suggest” that i could also travel nearby to see him more often but understood that i had to go my way. I was glad i could be close to him one last time.
The visit at my Grandmother’s afterwards was a success too. She was excited to see Alexandra and me and was happy for us to have our big journey.

Next Steps

The next day after we returned to vienna I was able to sell the car. Everything went well. That car was well worth the investment of time, it made me money while I had it and then through the sale. Enjoy your further travels my dear Panda! Now things looked a bit different though with my Motorcycle. 4 years of regular usage, all throughout the year, even in winter, showed its signs on that strong workhorse and even lowering the price was not attracting more sellers. Without a miracle I would have to ride the Motorcycle to my parents’ place last minute and have it parked there.
Our families for sure were glad to see us one last time but also wondered where we would actually go.  Time was closing in and we weren’t sure ourselves. Even in late summer Paraguay still seemed to wait with letting foreigners cross their borders and we were worried our whole document hunt was a useless waste of time and resources.
When celebrating our last days at our apartment in Vienna we were keeping up with Kim’s journey to Puerto Vallarta on the Mexican West Coast. Was he gonna be able to make it, despite all the travel restrictions?
Hear more about what happened to Kim and how this influenced our trip across the ocean in the next episode of the Adventure Escape Diaries.
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