Apple Watch 5 for Sports – Still worth buying in 2021?

Apple Watch 5

Apple Watch Review Just ready for Fall, here we have the #ScaryAppleWatch #Review. Don’t see your new Apple Product end up on the Cemetery for this Halloween. Is the #AppleWatch still up to its task? I’ve been an active Apple Watch user for 3 years now, starting with the Apple Watch 3 and now the…

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This young lady reveals how astounded she felt by the Art Austria exhibition at Palais Liechtenstein

Art Austria - Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna, Austria

  This is my first iteration of videos that show “Life as it used to be…” Please enjoy this post analysis interview of the modern art exhibition “Art Austria” at Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna, Austria.   VIDEO REFERENCES: Art Austria Exhibition @ArtAustriaOfficial   Participating Artists: Eduard Angeli 1942 (Austria) Joannis Avramidis 1922 (Austria, Greece)…

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