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The Paleo Lifestyle is so much more than just a diet. It embraces the adventure that your life might have to offer. Besides healthy food it will show you a variety of ways to keep your body fit and start your own personal adventure. Be it traveling the world or starting to live the minimalist lifestyle, the Paleo Lifestyle is all about living a simple life and a great adventure. What is going to be your next adventure? Comment below what your next adventure is going to look like!

The Have Your Adventure Program can lead you to your next adventure! If you want to know more about the Paleo Lifestyle, download the Power Smoothie Guide and you will receive more information.
Hey fellow Adventurers,
I’m the guy with the #Beard
Paul #Trausner
#FitnessTrainer, Paleo Nutrition Specialist & #Author
Known as #PaleoPaul the #Beardbarian or #PaulTheViking that traveled over 50 countries and lived on three continents.
My #HaveYourADVENTURE Transformation Program is helping people worldwide with focus on 4 major keystones, based on the #PaleoLifestyle
– Food & #Nutrition to gain Energy without going on a diet
– Fitness & Skills to #StayHealthy
– Tools & Routines with focus on #Minimalism
– #TheBigPicture to fulfill your #LifeGoals including #Travel and a #NomadLifestyle
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Author, Fitness Trainer & Paleo Nutrition Specialist - “Have Your ADVENTURE - Spark your Paleo Lifestyle and light your FIRE!“