AirPods Pro or PowerBeats Pro for your active travels? Before you buy, watch this review in Budapest

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#Headphones are an important #TravelCompanion.

I like to go places and also stay fit on the road. When traveling though, one hasn’t got a lot of space to spare. So which headphones are compact to carry with you but also powerful enough for all of your active lifestyle? #Sports and #travel ask the most of our technologies and that’s why I’m putting them under a stress test for you.

Which pair of headphones will do you well, while on the go and while doing sports and being active?
🔴 The #Beats #PowerbeatsPro are made for sports and shine at it, but are they good for your travels as well?
⚪️ The #Apple #AirPodsPro are excellent at your daily commute and your coffee shop work experience. But will they hold up when sweating on them and going for a 4-mile-run?

I went to #Budapest, #Hungary and tested the two pairs of headphones for you so that you can make the right choice.
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Apple AirPods Pro
Beats Powerbeats Pro


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