Experience the most fascinating National Park of Brazil [Best places of Chapada Diamantina in Bahia]

The National Park of Chapada Diamantina in Bahia offers all kinds of beautiful #NatureActivities. Hiking waterfall trails, exploring underground caves, camping in the wild, off-roading your 4×4 to hidden spots and more. All in the most beautiful settings Brazil has to offer.

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AED S02E07 – Chapada Diamantina #Bahia #Brazil

This is our outdoor episode. The National Park of #Chapada #Diamantina in Bahia offers all kinds of beautiful #NatureActivities. Hiking waterfall trails, exploring underground caves, camping in the wild, off-roading your 4×4 to hidden spots and more. All in the most beautiful settings Brazil has to offer.
Learn in this video how to spend an amazing time in this wonderful National Park.

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  • Geovane the Guide @guia.giovany.chapadadiamantina
  • The Cave Lapa Doce @grutalapadoce
  • Chapada Diamantina Guide Dan @natrilhacomdan & @danecoturismo
  • Helicopter Hotel Serra do Ouro @hotelserradoouro


0:00 Chapada Diamantina
0:58 Waterfall Cachoeira Ferro Doido
2:00 Cave tour of Lapa Doce
6:04 Car Camping
7:42 Waterfall Hike Cachoeira da Fumaça
9:21 Ancient Tree Stump
9:50 Waterfalls of Cachoeira da Primavera
10:33 Snake in the Water
11:25 Anniversary Plans
11:55 Helicopter Hotel


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