Off-grid Living in the Jungles of Brazil [Interview with American Expat]

AED S02I02 - Uncensored Interview Professor X

Off-grid living in Brazil? Unfortunately Youtube is censoring our interview and we can’t show the full version of the interview. That’s why we are working on an uncensored version! Uncensored version of this interview NOW AVAILABLE on my channel on Odysee: —> go ahead and subscribe there if you like what you see The…

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How we got our permanent Paraguayan Residency & bought an SUV for our road trip! [AED-S01E07]

AED Residency in Paraguay

  Do you want to get your own #Residency in #Paraguay? Get your free #Expat Coaching now:   Previously… In the previous episodes of the “Adventure Escape Diaries” ( we waited in Mexico until the borders of Paraguay opened up for foreigners.   In this Episode: Finally we were able to take a flight…

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