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Fitness Trainer &
Paleo Nutrition Specialist
Author of the upcoming book:
Have Your Adventure -
Spark your Paleo Lifestyle
and light your FIRE“

I travelled over 50 countries and lived on three continents.

People who want to break free from their 9 to 5 and have the energy to start living their personal dreams join my courses and my training program.

My clients hire me for calisthenics training and Paleo Lifestyle sessions.

"Have Your ADVENTURE Transformation"
is my Flagship Program.


It is a comprehensive video series that guides you to become the HERO of your own Journey.

- Skilled -

Gain your skills side-by-side with a 10 year Fitness & Paleo Specialist with experience in over 55 countries.

- Awesome -

Choose between your 4 step ADVENTURE Mastery video course or your 8 week ADVENTURE Transformation coaching.





“My approach is very real,
sometimes a little edgy...
and definitely unlike anything
you’ve seen before.”

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“I hope we get a chance to meet someday!
Till then I want to encourage you
to light your FIRE and Have Your ADVENTURE!”

- Paul Trausner -